Snaefell Motorcycle Comes with an Attached Car


Cars have always been the preserve of those who seek safety and motorcycles have been the preserve of those who seek adventure, so if you seek both adventure and safety, why not have a car and a bike combined, seems to be opinion of Francois Knorreck who has just designed the Snaefell. The Snaefell is a motorcycle that comes with an attached car instead of an open sidecar that some motorcycles come with. He took nearly ten years and more than $20,000 to get this unique vehicular mod ready.

The Laverda motorcycle certainly seems to be burdened with one feisty car that has been created by using many parts of different cars. It would be great if you want to ride home a gang of friends who are too drunk to drive anyway and assuming you hate the stench of puke and booze. Even otherwise, you can make someone whom you dislike sit inside the car while you ride alone and safeguard yourself from unnecessary conversations.

You could use the Snaefell in a number of situations and a little bit of imagination would help you come up with a number of unique ways to use it. I am not really sure if the Snaefell is on sale but you certainly can do with something that is as cool as this if you can build one for yourself. If you prefer standalone motorcycles that are cool and awesome, you must check out the Terminator Motorcycle. You could also get yourself a deliciously geekish Recycled Computer Motorcycle.