Turtle Hamburger with a Dubious Message


While everyone loves to bite into a juicy and tasty burger, I somehow would not want to eat this Last Shot TLT Turtle Burger. However, the layers of lettuce, cheese, meat and tomatoes make it an almost impossible task to resist. While turtles are considered endangered species all across the globe, this particular turtle would not be that lucky.

Moreover, it seems to suggest the idea that turtles can be tasty food and with so many impressionable children and youngsters using the net, it may perhaps not be the best idea to present a turtle in such a manner.

Perhaps there is also a brighter side to the whole Turtle Burger business. It may actually have been cooked with a special and benevolent message in mind. The Turtle Burger perhaps suggests man’s greed to consume everything without even leaving what is endangered. Human consumption and consumerism may have been satirized in the form of a Turtle Burger in which case even these cute endangered species are used for consumption.

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Via: URLesque