The Pacman Mug


Pacman is one of those games which is completely fun though you may have a tough time getting through, and although I never did get through most levels of Pacman, the game is so completely addictive that you would want to play it even if you know you are definitely going to lose!

Some of the best of these small games like Tetris, Pacman, Space Invaders, etc. are great to while away time, to take a break or cheer yourself up. These games are meant for those gamers who do not have the time to play sophisticated games and like to take a small break from their busy schedules once a while.

Addiction goes on to many levels, like so many of us are addicted to zodiac signs, biased to favorite colors or drinks, those who are addicted to hot drinks due early every morning, and are fans of the Pacman game, should definitely get this mug from Kultur for themselves or gift it to someone whom you know would love it. It is great to be put away with a collection in the old china cabinet, or can be used every day in the morning, to work you up and get your mind ready for the day.