A Hacking USB Flash Drive


I bet all you computer geeks and hackers out there have an assorted collection of USB gadgets that helps you freak people out as soon as they lay their eyes on them, and all of you hackers would have several tricks up your sleeve just as any magician does.

Well, ThinkGeek.com brings you one more gadget, that will definitely add fun to your day. You would have figured out from the title by now, it is a USB flash drive. This flash drive of 2 GB capacity is compatible with all the popular operating systems, Mac, Windows and Linux. All you have to do is use it to freak people out.


This USB flash drive is disguised as a USB cable cut off at the end, which will definitely make people wonder what you are up to, while all you are doing is innocently going about your own business. It gives a very literal wireless gadget look, so you use to play pranks on people and convince them that is a wireless cable of sorts.

The scariest would be, that it loads viruses onto the computer via a wireless mode, or hacks into computers and drains it of everything, the OS and the data, and even you do not know where all of it goes! All in all, a clever disguise for a simple USB flash drive, and a definite wanna have gadget.