Mini Hamburger and Popcorn Crumb Vacuum Cleaners


Geeks often have to eat while working and have really no time and energy to clean up the crumbs and the mess from the desk, so now they can get any one of these fun Mini Hamburger or Pop Corn Crumb Vacuum cleaner to clean up the mess with just a lazy movement of the hand.


The one touch battery operated Mini Hamburger and Pop Corn Crumb Vacuum Cleaners are 4 inches in diameter and 3 inches tall. They look like real yummy food themselves and keeping them on working desks or dining table or kitchen tops would constantly remind geeky gamers about the need to eat good food too. They look more like fun decorative pieces than small useful gadgets.

These are indeed utilitarian products.  These light breezy vacuum cleaners are just right for little irritating food crumbs. There is no need to do to heavy manual or power cleaning. In fact they can be used to suck crumbs from car seats or floors too. These mini vacuum cleaners come for $11.99 each.

There are other vacuum cleaners like Computer Keyboard Brush Gun or the Roomba Pacman Vacuum. But Mini Hamburger and Pop Corn Crumb Vacuum Cleaners are more deceptive of them all.