Independence Day, Wall E Cake, Iron Man Helmet and More [Walyou Roundup]

Happy Independence Day Walyou Readers, and we hope you have wonderful 4th of July events lined up and good Barbeques fired up for all your friends and family. This past week was amazing with the new Firefox 3.5 release, Wall E Cake, cool Michael Jackson Wallpaper, Mini Hamburger and Popcorn Vacuums, an Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet and great Techy Cardboard Art.

We hope you enjoy the latest roundup and keep sending us cool tips and ideas for featured posts to [email protected].


Have fun!

Cool Posts from Walyou:

1. Wall-E Cake

2. Michael Jackson Wallpaper

3. Mini Hamburger and Popcorn Vacuums

4. Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

5. Techy Cardboard Art

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