Michael Jackson Text Art Tribute

michael jackson artwork text

Michael Jackson is missed very much, and we could see how many fans he had throughout the world just by flipping through the channels, randomly surfing the net and by random conversation with so many around us. This is a beautiful Michael Jackson tribute text artwork created by Ben Heine that could send shivers down MJ fans spine.

This beautiful art piece shows a young Michael Jackson smiling as many would remember him. It is made up of a beginning of a short biography but does not continue to provide the entire biography.

With all the inspiration he has given and providing so much wonderful music throughout the years, this is a really nice touch of showing his younger years in a different fashion. It is similar to Steve Jobs text art by theme, but it will touch many more hearts than the Apple leader will. For other great MJ Art, you can also see the Michael Jackson Wallpaper psd tutorial.

Wonderful job Ben Heine!

Check out Ben’s gallery for more information, higher resolution, additional great artwork and also more information and details about Michael Jackson art.

Ben Heine Via: UniqueDaily