A Geeky Star Trek Spock USB Flash Drive for Trekkies!

All those Star Trek lovers out there get ready to let Spock invade into your computers in his totally new avatar, and folks prepare yourselves to meet Spock doll disguised as your humble USB drive. This time Spock’s in a brand new skin, he’s made out of  “felt” and is really soft and cuddly to touch.

star trek spock usb flash drive

The Spock figure is first made out  felt and molded around a USB flash drive. But unlike all other fancy flash drives this one is not over-sized or heavy at all. And thankfully it’s not one of those ‘heavily overpriced small gadgets’, our Spock is priced at 35$ and is up for grab at AlasMyDear on Etsy.

I think Spock, after making his way into our hearts nearly 43 years ago , has finally made his way into our computers as well!. And maybe it wont be long before he’s all over the planet; nah! just kidding but Spock’s new warship is definitely going to be the USB flash drive for present!

Etsy’s Via: Foolish Gadgets Via: Geeky Gadgets