Bamboo Computer Keyboard for the Green Geek

computer keyboard bamboo shoots

There are many different computer keyboards we can choose from these days, but if you are an environmentally consious geek, then the Bamboo keyboard may be the way to go for an alternative to the plastic and dull keyboards usually seen.

As mentioned by the manufacturers, these Bamboo computer keyboards are as durable as the regular everyday keyboards we use; if dropped from your desk, these keyboards are not suppose to crack or break, adding to the longevity of a cool computer accessory.

By its look, it reminds me of the wood keyboard with the Scrabble theme we seen before, but much simpler and without a tremendous modification. Overall, this is a cool looking computer keyboard that isn’t with all the bells and whistles but still stands for a cool Green gadget. These range from $11-44 and seem to receive a lot of great feedback, being ordered by the masses.

cool computer keyboard bamboo

Product Via: RedFerret Via: ChinaDaily