Burger Telephone to Order All Your Fast Food

As you probably heard of all the fast things like fast-food, fast cash, fast cars, here is another a cool gadget to add to that list, shall we begin?. Presenting to you for the first time the Burger Telephone, the Fast-Telephone. Just kidding there’s nothing really fast about this phone, except for the fact that it looks like our favorite fast-food.burger telephone

This phone is packed with all the non burgerish phone features which include ‘touch tone dialing, adjustable volume, last number redial, and an extra long cord’, making it a really useful device apart from it’s looks which is unusual in a sense. This little burger that can make calls is priced at 28$.best cheeseburger telephone design

For all those folks out there who are really crazy about fast-food, we recommend that you purchase one right away; reason- simple, the joy of ordering fast-food on a phone that actually looks like one! and if the delivery is taking too long one can always turn to their phone for….. sorry, not a bite but a look to remind themselves that their patience will soon pay off!.Burger Telephone to Order All your Fast Food3

Sadly folks our burger is available in only one combination, that is cheese but then anyway what doesn’t taste good with cheese. Have a great time munching guys!.

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Via: UrbanOutfitters