Ping Pong Table Door Design

ping pong table door

An amazingly space efficient Ping Pong can take place in your own home with this neat door design that combines an actual Ping Pong Table within your room’s door.

What a beautiful design by Tobias Franzel that brings a true Sports game inside the home. Instead of having to find space to store your Ping Pong table when not in use, this is a true marvel in itself by allowing to open a door vertically to provide the game atmosphere.

Moreover, this will also add to your home decor by reducing the monotone color of your home with some greenery of the Ping Pong table. The images show a little of this neat design, and the video shows how it truly looks like…it isn’t just a photoshopped image.

If you would rather not mess around with yoru doors and looking for a one player solution, then take a look at the Ping Pong Robot.

Via: GeekyGadgets