R2D2 Trash Can Ready to Send Your Junk into Outer Space

r2d2 star wars trash canIf you are bored of your old and simple trash bin, then you can swap it with the Star Wars R2D2 TrashCan that is coming to you from a galaxy far far away…especially for the Star Wars geeks out there. That’s right folks it’s our very own R2D2 from the Star-Wars, ready to serve mankind in the form of a ‘trash can’ so that we don’t mess up our planet.r2d2 star wars collectible trash can

This is a fully licensed replica which is crafted in Japan, and as all Japanese gadgets painstaking attention is given even to the slightest and tiniest detail. A foot-pedal at the base of R2D2 automatically opens his dome to reveal a removable basket which can be lined with a plastic trash bag for an easy clean-up.

Even if you don’t want to use him as a waste basket (which is really downgrading for a cool character like him), you can fill him up with ice and let him serve you and your friends your favorite drinks while you chill out.star wars r2d2 trash can

From the Star-Wars battleship as a cool system hacking droid, to being an ambassador of cleanliness at our homes, our little friend R2D2 has really traveled a long way. But keeping aside all other thoughts one thing is for sure, he’s got to be the coolest TrashCan in the whole of the galaxy!

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Via: UrbanOutfitters