Beat the Heat with the Remote Controlled Water Cannon!

remote control water cannon

Temperatures are soaring everywhere, and even London experienced a tremendous heat wave last week…making you wonder about Global Warming. Best way to beat the heat is to head to water amusement parks but that can be expensive too. Well, now with this Remote Controlled Water Cannon one can have fun in one’s own garden or back yard while cooling off.

The Remote Controlled Water Cannon can be controlled with infrared remote. There are three different kinds of nozzles to help you choose the water spraying patterns (spray, mist and stream) and one can shoot water up to 100 foot. All this can be controlled with infrared remote from 30’ far. The cannon can rotate 270 degrees and the barrel can be raised and lowered. It can be fitted to any garden hose for unlimited fun. One can spray over a large area and can invite play mates too for dripping and drenching fun.

Apart from fun this has great utility too for geeks who are hooked on to gardening and have a small farm in the backyard. One can leisurely sit far away and direct the cannon to spray and water the plants. For more fun gardening aids check out Automower Solar Powered Lawn Mower or Easybloom Gardener Gadget.

The remote controlled cannon is battery operated and can run for 10 hours. Priced at $59.95 at Hammacher, this can be a good gift for anyone who is above 7!