A Cry Meter Baby Gadget Measures The Depth of Your Baby’s Cries

Weep-Weep, Sob-Sob, Bah-Bah, Scream-Scream are some of the many sounds that all parents might have gone through, and it is fairly difficult controlling the cries of an inconsolable baby even though it is the truest test of parenthood and utmost patience. Except for their cries there’s no real way for a baby to communicate to it’s parents, which is hardly understood by any parent, but fear not folks this new gadget here promises the children what they desire and their parents a good night’s sleep.

cry baby gadget

The Why Cry Baby Analyzer might just be the baby monitor of your dreams!. This new gadget here is equipped with an advanced frequency analysis technology and needs only 20 seconds to analyze why your baby is crying out to the heavens. Based on the analysis it predicts whether the baby is hungry, bored, annoyed, sleepy or just stressed out, on it’s special LCD screen. Also it’s very portable, small, light-weight and comes with a Velcro strap.

baby gadget for cry babies

The gadget is a sure help to all those working parents who ought to get up early in the morning and go to their offices, it helps you to instantly know why your baby’s all screamy all of a sudden, and unlike your cute little innocent baby who can barely understand that you need to sleep as well, this gadget sure understands your needs and is always ready to help you. So all the parents out there go and have a deserving good night’s sleep ’cause 4:00am sure comes early!

For the parents that see this as a very useful product (probably most), it is available for $99.99 at ThinkGeek.com. If you are looking for other methods, who knows, maybe you can teach your Baby to Twitt or give them the iPhone Baby Teething Toy to keep them occupied.