Illuminated Flexible Keyboard Perfect for Night Shifts

Illuminated Flexible Keyboard

If you always hated those times when you either have to use those glaring tube-lights or the desk lamps while working on your computer late at night, then the solution to that problem is just use a keyboard that has it’s own source of light. I mean why not use a keyboard that illuminates on itself. Many of us who can’t type without actually looking at the characters on our keyboard, working at night must be a really tough time; but thanks to this new and advanced technological gizmo working late at nights might become a little easier as this keyboard light’s up itself to give us a better view.

In addition to the light-up feature this illuminated keyboard is extremely flexible and virtually indestructible. It can even be folded or rolled up and be packed into any back-pack or notebook bag, making it a really portable device. This device is water resistant and can be washed as well, it’s dust proof and any liquid spill can easily be wiped off using a damp cloth. Types of connection: USB or PS2 controller.

So all those folks who work late at night, don’t try and strain your eyes working in the dark but let the light of your keyboard lead you through the night! It is available for only $26.99.