Transformers Shoes, Bacon Tattoo, Michael Jackson Figures [Walyou Roundup]

Here are some great Walyou posts from this week that shouldn’t be missed consisting of Michael Jackson, R2D2, Unlocking iPhone 3GS, Ping Pong Table, Transformers Shoes, Bacon Tattoo, Xbox 360 Laptop, a Hellboy Mask, an Elvis Robot and also cool Tetris Shelves for your home.

michael jackson bad doll

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Cool Walyou Posts You Shouldn’t Miss:

1. Michael Jackson Dolls

2. R2D2 Trash Can

3. Ping Pong Table Door

4. Unlock the iPhone 3GS

5. Transformers Nike Shoes

6. Bacon Tattoo

7. Hellboy Mask

8. Tetris Wall Shelves

9. Portable Xbox 360 Laptop

10. Singing Elvis Robot