Altoids Mint Tin Pocket Guitar Amp to Give your Guitar a Fresh Breath

If you have been wishing for a pocket size guitar amp that is made out of an Altoids mint tin, then your wish has been answered and delivered with out a hitch. Our little Rock n Roll fairy just stumbled upon an Altoids Mint-Tin during one of her concerts and a hit on her head gave her this wonderful new idea, so she took the mint-tin and played some magic rock solos and ‘poof’!, the tin modified itself into a miniature guitar amp.portable guitar amp altoids mint box

I interviewed the fairy and she narrated the following process to me. What she really does is; first she buys a tin of Altoids Mint and eats all the mint herself (which explains her incredibly fresh breath), she then solders all the electronics, adds some jacks, a volume control, and a red LED, and then a little touch of a sweet guitar solo played by the fairy guitar amp in altoids mints box

Every piece is individually hand crafted by our fairy, and of course! her friends join in to help her. This beauty is ready to be plugged in and played in any standard electric guitar, it also fitted with a standard 3.5mm jack for headphones and a knob on one side for on/of and volume function, powered by a 9v battery this surprisingly small amp produces a very good tone and ample amount of volume.

So all those rock musicians out there (including me), make sure to get one of these ’cause who knows one of you could be the next Joe Satriani (excluding me). It runs for only $39.99 at and could make for a perfect portable amp to show your mad skills.

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