Blood Stained Cook’s Attire For a Spooky Effect To Your BBQ Party

If you always wanted to give your Sunday afternoon Barbeque a dramatic and spooky twist, then you have hit the right spot, with this blood stained pair of knife and apron that will let your friends acknowledge your painstaking efforts, and is perfect to add some gross finish to your work.

blood stained knife kitchen gadget With an original “Evidence” tag, this knife is an awesome Barbecue Gadget looks like it has just come out of a thriller-suspense movie, but is thankfully, painted with food-safe colors. Just imagine cutting your birthday cake with this gross stuff and the mixed emotions and stares that’ll follow.

blood stained apron kitchen attireThe apron further adds to the sickening sight and is a strict no-no for vegetarians (only hardcore non-vegetarians may try it). Painted with bloodied stains all over, the apron is made up of pure 100% cotton and is pretty comfortable. Even visualizing myself wearing this combo attire reminds me of the masked fellow from a classic horror film.

Both the items can be brought from the Kid separately for a price tag of $19.99 for the apron – which is about 2.75 x 2.25 feet in dimension, and $14.99 for the chef’s knife. Just make sure you don’t scare the s*** out of your buddies making them dial 911.

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