Saturday Night Computer Speakers To Jive Your Party

saturday night computer speakersSaturday nights have been traditionally a symbol of hardcore partying, and this set of speakers has been devoted to dutifully carry on the tradition. With it’s cool afro-man look and a hip yet, simple attire, this speaker does full justice to its name and lives up to be a symbol of fun partying. The starry eyed speaker can accommodate your mp3 player, laptop, CD player …the list is kinda endless. Works with power from either a USB hub or from 3 AAA size batteries. The volume of this dual powered speaker can be controlled through the “buckle” of the afro guy.

The dimensions of this speaker are about 6 ”tall x 3.75” diameters, and is made up of plastic. Shipped packed with one audio and one USB cable, this retro set of speakers will set you back by about $29.99.

If the Kid keeps on providing it’s customer base with such fun filled products, then it is surely gonna earn some big bucks.

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