Gremlins Gizmo Plush Toy Isn’t Quite Scary!

gremlins gizmo plush toy

Three things you must not do with a Mogwai: pour water on it, let bright light shine on it and feed it after midnight, for if you ignore the instructions, you could end up with one of these seemingly innocuous creatures with a penchant for mischief, which can at times reach inexplicable levels of aggression and the capability to ‘kill’.

Well, if you have been fascinated with the movie Gremlins, we wouldn’t be surprised if you looked at this ‘Gizmo’ with traces of suspicion and hostility. Yet, it is hard to resist the cute ‘take me home’ expression of this furry fella. Justifiably so, since most of us are disillusioned enough to tell fantasy from reality! If you fit into the majority bracket, you would fancy getting this little Gremlin toy for yourself. With its hand-painted, 11-inch long ears and 7-inch stature, all you can logically think of is how your display case gets a new reason to attract eyeballs. Isn’t that so?

It fetches for only $24.99, and has the memories but the not the evil behind. Also, it is a little cuter than the Darth Vader Plush.