A CD Recorder and Phonograph even Edison Would Envy!

Your probably remember those huge black discs called records which were so popular during the 80’s, and let’s not to forget the bulky phonographs that played these records. This era soon ended and now we have entered the ipod era but I still think those classic phonographs would give a cool look to our living rooms, moreover if they could play some music as well. This new age phonograph, maybe, is built for the very same reason. This x-gen phonograph can do things it’s ancestors could only dream of! it can play CDs, tapes, radio and even one of those old records (provided you have one).retro cd player with phonograph

The Songwriter CD Recorder And Phonograph allows you to play your records on the 3 speed turntable and your cassettes on the side-mounted tape player. It also allows the users to convert their old tapes into today’s CD digital format in a few simple steps using CD-R or CD-RW discs. It also features AM/FM radio and a 20 track programmable memory. It sports an LCD display, auxiliary input and output, video output, external speaker output and a remote control. Finally it has that 80’s classical wooden finish and not to mention a set of inbuilt speakers.

This modern piece of history is available for $400 at Betty’s Attic, which I think is pretty reasonable. So those of who still own one of those old records, I strongly suggest that you get one for yourselves!