Portable Microwave Oven for Geek Journeys!

portable microwave oven

Geeks love to travel with laptops, iPod, cameras and other gadgets when they go on a long journey, and the portable Microwave Oven is ideal for such geeky travels. Just plug-in Portable Microwave Oven to any DC outlet or even to a car battery and make pizza, coffee or popcorn anywhere under the open sky. One can even use it to reheat food.

The best aspect of Portable Microwave Oven is its size and weight. It is small, almost can be mistaken to be a tool box and weighs mere 16 lbs and has power of 660 watts (uses dielectric heating) with which one can easily cook pizza or make popcorn in few minutes. This portable microwave unit has a handle and can be carried around easily.

This Portable Microwave Oven can also be used even in offices to reheat food and make coffee. It will really make life of geeks very easy and take care of all food worries. This unit costs $299.95 which includes AC and DC adapters and cables and can be ordered at Hammacher.

One can also check out other portable wares like Beanzawave Mini Microwave Oven (which is still a concept design) or Desktop coffee maker.