An LED Illuminated Coat Rack


Everyone knows how hard it is now-a-days to find homes with adequate amount of space, as most of our homes have rooms which are comfortably decorated with minimum fittings so that they do not occupy a lot of space. But some basic space holders are our wardrobes and cabinets cannot be avoided. Just for this purpose this wall hanging LED Coat Rack is a great idea for the modern day homes where space is a very valuable asset.

You can redesign your cabinet to remove the hanger space and get one of these for your own home. The Kleiderleiste Illuminated Coat Rack is the perfect space saver for modern homes, the special alignment to the wall makes it very useful. It has a depth of 5 cm and is available in 4 different lengths. It also comes with different colors of LED lights probably to match the lights in your room.

Agreed, it is a great space saver, but I do not understand the use of the LED lighting in a Coat Rack. It is just a misuse of energy, unnecessarily placed to enhance the Coat Racks appeal. Fortunately, the designer also has the same as a non LED lit model too, I’d definitely go for that one. Plus, along with the LED Jar, it could make a great light show in your bedroom.

All the different colors and sizes are available straight through the designers of Mocha.