Regan Bed Scene From Exorcist Bobble Head

the exorcist bobble head action figureBobble heads make sure you always see the funny side of a story, but, what if the story is that of a horror movie, or else? What if the story is that of the scariest of them all – of The Exorcist? This bobble head of Regan from the movie depicting the famous (or rather infamous) bed scene is some thing you won’t gift to that special someone to impress him/her, would you? Although made into a bobble head, this thingie shows no sign of it but, of course, the unnaturally monstrous head. The very details of this Exorcist Action Figure “toy” make it quite unfit to keep it in your living room, on your bedside table or in your tot’s room. The best place, I think, is right in front of your locker – it will really scare the s*** of those who try to mess with it (I know my humor is sick!).

The toy is quite detailed; the spilt puke of pea soup, the green eyes, the scratches on bruises on the face, the wrinkled neck show casing a 360 degree turn, and… almost every thing is right in place – except for the huge head- but, again, the piece is meant to be a bobble head, isn’t it? This messy haired bobble head of Regan can be bought for a costly price tag of $17.99 (why the hell is everything seeming expensive now-a-days?). This collectible is a must for exorcist fans and horror crazy individuals.

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