Braille Transcribed Using Lego Blocks

lego braille concept design

While it can be safely said that Lego has almost become a cultural phenomena, it could also be said that they started out being humble building blocks for different age groups. However, now it might soon be the medium of choice for Braille literature. Anthony Sava has created a Lego based design which carries Braille language text made of Lego buttons. The text reads “Leg Godt” which means “Play Well” in Danish.

The simplistic brown and black blocks and make a very sober design without much ado, but still appeals to those who can see. The visually challenged would for the first time perhaps be able to use Braille with the help of Lego blocks and buttons. Though the design may look simple and trivial; the idea may open doors to a completely new trend in printing Braille.

Simple Lego blocks can now be used to create Braille text which would help a number of visually challenged people to access information. More than that, those who have good vision can create Braille text themselves for their visually challenged friends as the situation might require using the Lego blocks. Lego may not have been used to assist the visually challenged earlier, but it certainly has been used to crate interesting designs such as the World’s Smallest NES.

Via: Brothers Brick