Christmas Story Lamp Is A Scene-Stealer!

christmas story lamp from movie

Give a self-confessed movie buff a way to flaunt his love and he will gobble it up without second thoughts with products that take inspiration from popular movies aren’t spared either. So, we would not be surprised if this lamp finds for itself a multitude of buyers. The hit movie ‘A Christmas Story’ forms the basis for the design of this minimalist display case item. For all its background, we had expected it to be just a visual scene-stealer. However, the makers have gone one step ahead to make it functional.

The 1:2 replica of the original movie lamp has every inch bathed in the nostalgia of ‘A Christmas Story’, a major USP of the product and a sure-fire reason for the movie fans to own one. The bottom (with its oomph-filled fishnet stocking covered leg), the 10” rimmed lampshade and the 4-way switch are all there. The lamp uses a 45W regular bulb and costs around
at Betty’s Attic. If you have been digging up discount stores and other places for this collectible, look no further, for this Christmas gadget is the one you searched for.