Star Wars Electronic Version Battleship Game!


Here is an electronic Star Wars version of the popular Battleship game with extra imagery and sonic effects to make all Star Wars geeks excited for another game and release of the infamous saga. This is an electronic edition of the classical board game and will keep kids and even adults hooked to all its exciting new features. Moreover it comes in the compact form just like any laptop and can be carried around easily.

The game recreates Star Wars and can be played with four different strategies. There is a digital voiceover command and there are added sounds effects of cannons, missiles, torpedoes which are launched to they destroy opponents X-fighters, Millenium Falcon and other battleships. It incorporates all kinds of ships and weaponry of the iconic Star wars Movie Series. All game pieces can be internally stored in the portable unit.

Star Wars electronic game is an ideal gift for a single child above 8 years of age. The exciting game can be played solo or even with friends. This single game unit will cost $69.95. Check out Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition or the Flight Simulation Package for geek children who look for electronic excitement and fun.

star wars battleship game