Digital and Automated Organic LED Wall Clock

led wall clock

Wall Clocks will never go out of use, so people have come up with innovative designs to showcase nice concepts for wall clocks, such as this LED clock.

Here is a digital wall clock, that comes with individual figures, so we need four of those to show us the time. Once mounted these figures which have light sensors in them change colors from black during daylight to white in the night time when there is no light, so you can see the time even in the dark.

led clock for your wall

The best thing about this clock is that the luminous – light emitting part of the figure is an organic LED. It comes in a translucent white color and so will match any of the wall colors you can think of. It is at this stage still a concept product, since the designer Vadim Kibardin, is still looking for a manufacturer, meanwhile I think he would not mind us having it custom made for ourselves if we like the design. It is definitely a design to be looking forward to, a classic design for the classic, never going out of the scene – wall clocks.

Other cool clock designs we have featured included the innovative LED Clock curtain and even the geeky Star Trek clock.