Revolutionary V For Vendetta Mask of Guy Fawkes

guy fawkes mask v for vendetta

A somebody from those everybody out there hates their government for one or the other reasons – even if the government tries its level hard to please them, and if you are one those somebodies, then you must surely be trying to rebel or rather, revolutionize your way of thinking, don’t you? Then there must be something available for you to protect your identity and in such case what’s better than a Guy Fawkes mask, what say?

This rebellious mask which was made well known by the series V for Vendetta is something that even today, stands as a symbol for protests and revolutions the world over (don’t you remember when dozens of masked protesters were protesting outside the Boston headquarters of church of Scientology donning similar masks?). And if the above said reason is inapplicable to you, then, you may just wanna get this mask for celebrating the 5th of November (don’t tell me you don’t remember this unforgettable date, because if you do, then you better gotta check with your general knowledge). And if you still have managed to find an excuse for not buying this, then you can get it as a form of collectible from the V for Vendetta movie merchandise.

This plastic cover-up featuring a moustache and a goatee is available for $9.99. The hat, the wig and the armed uprising can each be brought separately to complete the attire and – if you wish – to step in the shoes of “V” and complete your vendetta.

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