Sanyo’s Eneloop Lamp in US on September 11

sanyo eneloop lamp design

Sanyo’s Eneloop Lamp has already created a lot of excitement and now you would be glad to know that the US release dates for the product is the same as that of Japanese release dates, on September 11th. The Sanyo Eneloop Lamp is one of the most stylish lamps designed lately and it can be used in three intriguing ways.

Firstly, it can be used as an interior light placed on top of any well designed furniture. It could even be kept on the floor as the white and blue colors would radiate from the floor across the room wafting the space with soft and comforting luminosity. Secondly, the blue light can be used in clear mode and fade mode which are high and low, respectively and has a healing touch. It could also be used as a flashlight, as the lamp comes with built in acceleration sensor. All one would want to do is tilt the lamp by 90 degrees to make the accelerator sensor perceive it, and voila! The lamp would glow bright and guide you through the darkness.

sanyo eneloop lamp

The lamp is a little pricey and costs $200, and you can get the by pre-order. The Butterflies Night Lamp is an even more artistic and surreal lamp that would carry you away to an imaginary world. Or perhaps you could try and get yourself the Aromatic Pacman Light Caps for home bulbs. Oh by the way, the release date for the Sanyo’s Eneloop Lamp has any significance, does it? hope it takes people from darkness towards light, in memory of the victims of terrorism.