A Lego Calculator Toy

cool lego calculator

There is something about LEGO stuff that makes you want to have them whether you need them or not, and for example just take a look at this calculator: it has a very simple design, and is a classic looking calculator, made to look like those Lego blocks that we played around with when we were young.

This cool calculator from Lego with all the round buttons placed at a distance, makes it easy to be used; the height of the screen where you see the numbers you have punched in is very eye catching and convenient to read. It is the most fun thing to do, punch in those numbers on such calculators. Even today I do not ever use the calculator on my laptop, but use the one lying on my desk, just because I love to punch in the numbers!

The Lego blocks have always had it all, it almost seems like the blocks were designed to be convenient calculators at some point, just that the ‘click’ we heard while fitting the blocks together would be replaced by the finger punching ‘tuk’ on the calculator. It is an amazingly re-done craft.

Via : Nerdapproved