Bumblebee Transformer, Exorcist Bobble Head, Social Media Pillows and More [Walyou Roundup]

This week’s Walyou Roundup consists of some fun posts just like every week, and this week it includes: Bumblebee Transformer, Star Wars R2D2, Bacon Sleeve, Exorcist Bobble Head, Resident Evil Shirt, Social Media Icons, Origami Toilet Paper, Gremlins Gizmo, Guitar Hero and the Fire LED Watch.

social media icons pillow design

Enjoy the Walyou Roundup and looking forward to see you soon.

Cool Posts from Walyou:

1. Transform Into Bumblebee Using This Transformers Head Gear

2. Cool R2D2 Toilet Paper Dispenser Helps Star Wars Geeks in the Bathroom

3. Bacon Bottle Sleeve Design Is Delicious!

4. Regan Bed Scene From Exorcist Bobble Head

5. Awesome Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles Zombie T Shirt Design

6. Social Media Icons Pillow Designs Provide Some Needed Rest

7. Origami Toilet Paper to Make The Session Exciting

8. Gremlins Gizmo Plush Toy Isn’t Quite Scary!

9. The Guitar Hero Neck Tie: Not So Much Fashion As Function!

10. Fire LED Watch To Burn Your Enemy With Envy