Desert Ratchet Transformers Action Figure Toy

desert ratchet transformers action figureIt has become quite of a tradition to release many movie merchandise along with the release of the movie, both for extra publicity and profits, and this Desert Tracker Ratchet action figure steps in to continue the tradition. The Ratchet transforms into a Hummer H2, and back, although the process is not as complex as shown in the movie (huh?). Oh… you got me, I know that the ratchet is not shown in the movie due to some casting problems, but it has featured in the comic series and yes, he plays quite a significant role to be looked forward to start a Transformers collection with.desert ratchet transformer action figureEven when the first part of the Transformers movie released, there were some characters which were not shown in the movie, yet, had some cool action figure in their names and as I have mentioned above, the Desert Ratchet continues the tradition. Anyways, this hip collectible is available for a price of $27.99 – which I think is quite justified considering the brand under which it is sold.

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