Is 3D YouTube On It’s Way?

youtube 3d video

Just when you thought YouTube was losing its popularity and that it needed that jolt to make it rise again, rumor mills are speculating the prospects of 3D being available on YouTube. YouTubePete, a member of the YouTube forum revealed that he has been using his project time granted by Google to its employees in order to work on the 3D for YouTube. The guy has been using his time to develop a stereoscopic player which would allow the user to watch 3D videos on YouTube.

If you have a pair of amber/blue glasses with you, you could check out yourself the video and see that the 3D can really be seen on YouTube below and the new video even has options to view it in several modes; you would just need to choose the right one. The video might appear grainy and dark, but nevertheless it does seem like a three dimensional video. YouTubePete warns that this is his personal project and that Google is in no way associated with the project and such assumptions may not actually be worth spending time on.

It may take some time to see 3D videos on YouTube but when a video of this level has already been put up, it may just be around the corner. Moreover, Google has been trying to revive the popularity of YouTube as most users are left infuriated when they search for music videos and realize that they have been removed on charges of copyrights violations.

Perhaps the 3D would compensate for those videos, and try to lure back some of the users.  Also, it is now possible to watch HD quality videos on YouTube so it should not be a surprise if Google really brings 3D to YouTube. Nevertheless, YouTube going 3D means there would be a new dimension to visual entertainment and one could catch up with some cool 3D IMAX movies.

For full effects and example, check the actual original Youtube Video.