R2D2 Remade as R2Q5 USB Hub Droid

After totally reviewing all the possibilities that R2D2 from Star Wars could be modified, those crazy Japanese guys decided to use R2-Q5 this time round, as they converted what every Super Star Wars fan would probably recall as the astromech droid known for starship repairs and his secret spy gadgets – Introducing R2 Q5 gadget, which is made into a 4 port USB hub.star wars r2 d2 usb hub

This new USB hub is a small scale model of the original R2 Q5, but like all Japanese gadgets painstaking attention is paid to even the tiniest detail. This can very well be called the small scale replica with a total resemblance to the original character. The droid USB hub looks very cool as well, what I mean to say is that hardly anyone might have thought of such a radical new design for a USB hub.

Our droid USB hub is being sold at Blister for about $76, but sadly the sales are restricted to Japan only, still if you really need one immediately you can get one at an auction at Ebay. Considering the huge demand for such Star Wars accessories around the world, this product may soon be available for sale throughout the world.

So all those Star Wars fans out there you might have to wait for a month at least before you can lay your hands on this new USB hub. I am waiting for it very eagerly as well because I was just given a fancy new 4 port USB hub by my friend but compared to it this new R2 Q5 USB hub is like a million galaxies ahead!

Via: Coated