Make Your Own Steve Jobs Papercraft Toy!

steve jobs papercraft model

Well, geek world is divided into Apple fans and Microsoft fans, and there is always Apple vs. Microsoft, Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates, iPod Vs. Zune, and other fights between the two groups and. If you happen to be in Apple group and want to declare your loyalty to the brand then you would be glad to make this Steve Jobs Paper Toy for your working desk and circulate PDF file to others to make too.

This Steve Jobs Paper Toy comes from Toy a Day project. Check out toy-a-day and make your own interesting collectible paper toy. The best part is this toy comes for free, as anyone can download free PDF file from the site above and spend leisure time very creatively. It is a good creative excuse to take a break from geeky world of gadgets and games to sit with paper and make awesome paper toys for personal collection and inspire children to spend more time in creative artistic sessions.

Steve Jobs and Apple have been inspirational for creative designers too; check out the Steve Jobs Plush Toy and the Steve Jobs Apple Font Art Design. Geekdom needs geek hero like Steve Jobs who is not only co founder of Apple Inc but also transformed LucasFilm Ltd to Pixar Animation Studio which was later acquired by Walt Disney Company. So put your hero’s face everywhere for motivation and inspiration.