Eat your Tetris Waffles to a High Score!

cool tetris design of waffles

Tetris, at times, can be a mind boggling mischievous little rascal if played out of addiction and utmost enthusiasm, and if you are one such victim of Tetris, then this piece of innovation or waffle, provides a cool way of playing the age old legend and will surely awe you.

This Tetris crazy user called pfhranzilicious has indeed found a great way of enjoying that waste time that you have on your hands by de-stressing yourself playing Tetris while munching those crispy waffles. He made the Tetris game from waffles.What’s more? this version of the “Waffle Tetris” will not let you get stuck in the middle of a competitive match, because, it gives you the freedom of just picking up the piece that you don’t want there to be and munch it down your throat. It’s just that simple, isn’t it?

By the way, in this version of the game, it is YOU who decides what comes next. In other words, you are the God of your game! I guess which company is gonna patent the whole stuff under its brand? Whichever it is, I am sure, that some big moolah is on its way to this guy’s bank accounts.

cool tetris waffle design