Cool Pacman Lighters From Zippo Help Celebrate 30th Anniversary

pacman lighter zippo

Practically everyone loves Pacman, the game, and its so many accessories, but did you know that the lovable yellow character has been around almost 30 years already?

In order to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the amazing Pacman, new Zippo lighters are being released with different imagery of the Pacman game and characters.

The three different designs currently shown are the actual Pacman game screen, the Pacman dot ghost, and dot Pacman. These are to retail for approximately $110 in Japan, and for major collectors that would probably not be an issue.

In the meantime, while we wait for the actual Pacman Anniversary to arrive, which would the 22nd of May, 2010, we can seat back and enjoy many other great Pacman collectibles, such as: the Pacman Hat or even a Pacman Motorcycle Helmet.

pacman game zippo lighter

Via: GeekyGadgets Via: CrunchGear Via: AkihabaraNews