Hasbro X-Men Vinyl Dolls Guarantee Laughs!

cool x men vinyl toys

What’s the world coming to where you could expect the meanest and toughest superheroes to be made to look cute and cuddly and hug deserving? One look at any of these vinyl doll collectibles and you’ll begin to wonder if there could actually be a juvenile side to them, especially when a 6-inch Wolverine with his menacing bone claws and teeny-weeny fangs is trying his best to intimidate you.

Rib tickling, we say! Trust leading toy maker Hasbro to turn an idea on its head and present a whole new perspective of your favorite mutants – Wolverine, Sabretooth, Phoenix and Cyclops. The vinyl figurines are edgy, but quite adorable for their amusingly twisted take on the X-men.

The Marvel characters have their trademark expressions, which makes it all the more appealing for those who are hung up on the X-men franchise. If you are expanding your display case toy collection or looking for a cute gift to make your nephew happy, you can get one of these for $50.99. It is worth it!

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