Salt Pepper Dispenser Maracas For Some Serious Fun

salt and pepper dispensers maracas shakers

Everyday is not a Sunday and similarly, everyday is not a feast – the same boring meal awaits your presence down on the dining table, keeping its cool until you scoop your spoon into the dish, and yell at your mom telling her that the food is bland. It’s when your mom hands you over these sleek and glossy maracas that the delirious looks on your face really amuses her. If you like to impersonate from Bez from The Happy Mondays then you surely gotta own at least a pair of these cool maracas shakers salt-pepper dispensers. These black and white beauties which resemble an instrument of Spanish origin will surely grab some envious eyeballs in your grand party, won’t they?

Available for a price of $32.00, these cool 13.5 cm lower than standard size maracas are surely gonna add some elegance to your plush kitchen. Other funky add-on for your kitchen could well be the funny heads condiment dispenser or the Salt and Pepper Batteries.

maracas shakers salt and pepper dispensers