Awesome Super Mario Fire Hydrant Art

A look at the following picture might give you a hint as to what might have happened to the roadside fire hydrant, take another closer look and you might discover that it may have been transformed into some gaming character or superhero as the one in the picture – Introducing Super Mario Brothers Firefighting services.

cool super mario brothers fire hydrant art

Obviously the work of some Super Mario fan who wants to remain anonymous, this fire hydrant was transformed into Mario the plumber. What our artist friend forgot here is that Mario is supposed to be a plumber by character, not a fire fighter! Still this is one amazing piece of art and something worthy of appreciation.

But folks I think that doing such things is illegal, isn’t it? anyway the creator of this piece of art must have gotten away with this!. Considering the amount of time and effort that the artist might have spent on this piece the local authorities might have let him off, after all who doesn’t like Mario?.

One thing is very clear, this particular fire hydrant, which is one of it’s kind will definitely attract a lot of attention, not much from people but their best friends, our K-9 friends of course. I guess every Dog in that particular town might be bragging about him getting to pee on the one and only “Mario Fire Hydrant”, have the time of your lives because every dog has it’s day!

Via: Kotaku