Cool iPhone Icons Paperclips Design

cool iphone icons paperclips

The iPhone icons have become a family household name with the amazing popularity and continuous growth of the now Unlocked iPhone 3GS and all the different applications released. This new iPhone accessory is another tribute to the Apple cellphone in the form of cute paperclips designs of the most popular iPhone icons.

These adorable paperclips provide another useful way to use iPhone icons and are made to look like the camera, ipod, weather, YouTube, and texts icons millions are familiar with. The set arrives in a miniature matchbook that is beautifully designed, but I wonder why it isn’t made to look like an iPhone or something of the sort.

Any of these could be used as a regular bookmark in real books or magazines, like we used to not so long ago.The entire set of five goes for $7 and could make Apple fans probably pick up a book…for the first time in years.

If these seem too fragile for you, then check out the cool iPhone icons coasters that were featured earlier, providing another practicality.

Etsy’s Via: Unplggd