Chia Computer Keyboard is the Greenest Keyboard Ever!

funny chia pet keyboard

If you remember those Chia Pets that were a hot item many years back, then you would probably get a quick laugh after you lay your hands on this Chia Computer Keyboard creation that is probably the greenest keyboard ever!

We have seen many different keyboard creations that are a little more than bizarre, such as the Smores Computer Keyboard and even the Scrabble Keyboard, but this one is not a mod, but an ecological design…in a wild sense.

computer keyboard plant

This green project began as a prank, as one left for a conference, the other started planting. A moisture trap was created using toothpicks, and the seeds germinated using saran wrap. The end result is a Keyboard plant that will definitely raise the Oxygen levels in the room.

Check out the images and perhaps you will be inspired to make on of your own.

Via: Nada Via: Make