How To Win a Free MyTouch 3G Android Phone from Waze

mytouch 3g google android smartphone contest

Waze, the cool new Smartphone app which could be called as a cross between a social networking service and GPS or navigational service is now giving away free MyTouch 3G which runs on Google Android OS. In a contest that is going to stir the Internet community, Waze has announced that one in 100 customers would get a free MyTouch 3G Smartphone which comes with many features like Screen Individualization, Notification Pane, Search by Voice facility, personalized shells and designs, and of course many cool features that you would see in other Smartphones.

mytouch 3g android phone contest

In order to win the new Android MyTouch Smartphone, all you would need to do is try their free Smartphone Android app which allows you to be part of a community and help in navigation and mapping. The contest is open to those aged 18 and above and more information about it can be found at Waze blog.

What is Waze?

Waze is an application for Smartphones that allows drivers to send GPS trace points in a passive manner while driving without doing anything. This would help other drivers in the area to know the best route to reach the destination, road conditions, traffic situations, map errors and other such things. The moment one downloads Waze to one’s Smartphone, a motorist becomes part of the large Waze community which helps each other with all kinds of GPS navigational information.

mytouch 3g android smartphone waze

MyTouch 3G Android Phone Details:

MyTouch 3G runs on Android OS and believes in the philosophy of individualism and uniqueness of each person and the phone that he or she carries. It can be customized like no other phone and is being currently offered by T-Mobile. It comes with amazing specs like a great touchscreen, Smartphone abilities, easy-to-use interface, and voice recognition. The phone supports “thousands of applications and accessories” and is being touted as a phone that is limited by only the user’s imagination. You could win this phone by downloading Waze for free, but then make sure you follow the contest guidelines at their website in order to increase your chances at winning.

new mytouch 3g android cellphone waze

Perhaps this is one of the best contests I have seen these couple of weeks, and there is no reason why you should not try it. Heck, you do not even have to spend on anything. You would just need to download the much needed and much useful app on your phone and stat driving around. You just might win the MyTouch 3G Android smartphone! The contest is not sponsored by Walyou nor are we associated with the whole thing in any way. Hence, all inquiries regarding contest rules should be directed to Waze. I hope one of you wins the phone!