Hellraiser Pinhead Bobble Head Toy

hellraiser-pinhead-bobble-headAs you probably noticed, Bobble Heads have been becoming quite a rage in the recent times with so many different releases of toys, movies, tv shows, etc…don’t you agree? This is evident by the number of bobble heads mentioned about in recent past, the likes of which include the Dexter Bobble Head, Regan Toy from the movie The Exorcist, the Big Lebowski Bobble Heads and many more. And in such an era, companies smartly introduces and bring back Pinhead in its own version of a funny bobble head.

This Pinhead Cenobite is exhibited holding a LeMarchand’s box in his hands and wears a funny expression on his unnaturally oversized head as though showing us the agony he is suffering because of the inserted pins in his head. Made up of heavy ceramic type resin, this head knocker stands 7” tall. Available in a display window box, this thingie is up for grabs for a price tag of $16.99, which, according to me, is quite high for a bobble head, what say you?