Gun Alarm Clock that makes You Go BANG!

gun target alarm clock

Most of us depend on our alarm clock to wake up every morning, and though it does manage to get us to work in time, we do hate them and feel that they also easily frustrate and annoy! Waking up the alarm clocks every morning does get irritating especially after those late night parties. Well, here is the remedy, an alarm clock that makes you go bang every morning to rid yourself of the early morning crankiness.

The Gun O’Clock¬† from Bandai has three different games incorporated into the alarm clock. One of the games being, shooting at the alarm clock when it goes off, to switch it off, or else it will keep ringing! There are three different gaming modes and all of them are equally refreshing enough to wake us up every morning.

gun alarm clock target


The Gun O’Clock is available in three different colors with a 3 meter range and 3 alarm game modes. See the gun o’clock in action in the following video…

Now, that’s three different ways of waking up each morning and getting some action too! It is available for $67 at Japan Trend Shop.