Limited Edition Iron Man Helmet Statue is a Must Have for Crazy Fans

limited edition iron man helmet statue replicaEveryone dreams of becoming a superhero and saving the world sometime or the other in their lifetime, and this Iron Man collectible here brings that dream of yours way too close realm by providing you with an exact copy of the head gear that Tony Stark sports in the movie sans the super human powers, of course.

This is a limited edition Iron Man Helmet, and to prove its authenticity, the piece also comes with a hand numbered certificate of authenticity. Made up of hand-formed steel, this movie merchandise is expertly painted in the classic color scheme of brass and deep crimson red to match the exact color format of the original head gear used in the actual movie plot.

This awesome replica measures 9 inches tall x 8 inches wide x 13 inches long, which as I have said before, is the exact size of the helmet used in the film. Available for a price of $355, this piece is run for money, because, only 1,500 units of such helmets are gonna be manufactured. So, Iron Man fans out there, grab your repulsor gloves and don this intimidating helmet and get ready to crush terrorism. And if you still can’t get over Iron Man, then you may check out this Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet and Iron Man shoes.