Google Unveils Comics Themes for iGoogle

igoogle comic theme superman

Google has been the personal favorite of many, and many of us have reveled in the versatility of themes available already for iGoogle users, providing different looks and personality within such themes. Besides cool Gmail themes previously seen, now Google has unveiled new comics themes for iGoogle, and comes at the time of Comic-Con’s 40th anniversary. There are themes for every possible comic character right from the beginning of comics to the modern days of gaming and electronic 3D warfare characters. Cat lovers can choose the Mutts theme designed by Patrick McDonnell, and so on and so forth.

igoogle themes of comic books

For instance, if you are the nostalgic kind, you could try Peanuts and Dan Clowes. If you dig into more recent and graphic ones, you always have the choice of getting your iGoogle pimped up to modern gaming characters. If you are looking for exotic comics, the themes also represent talented artists from countries like France and Japan including Rumiko Takahashi and Lewis Trondheim. An interesting twist to the story comes with noted comic artist Jim Lee lending his talent, time and spirit to promote these comic themes for iGoogle.

cool igoogle themes comics

I guess it really is a great move by Google to consider the popularity of comics and comic characters and recognize the importance of that market segment. The timing also has been perfect, Comic Con celebrating its 40th anniversary. Now you would be greeted by your favorite comic character when using the iGoogle and no more would you have to settle for something less, or something boring!

igoogle theme garfield comic

Via: Google Blog