Harry Potter Vs Voldemort Rap Battle Is Really Hilarious!

harry potter vs voldemort rap battle

Harry Potter, the boy who lived, has always been in a fierce battle with the dark lord, Lord Voldemort, and this is quite evident from what we have here, but, in a rather funny manner.

harry potter lord voldemort battle

Voldemort and Harry come face to face yet again in a rap battle that heats up with time. The battle begins with a guy giving openings, and the introductory scene wherein Voldemort is seen warming himself for the “duel” is something that looks like it has been taken from the Eminem movie 8 miles; but it rightly fits the bill and adds to the charm of this spoof. A good set down for those who kinda don’t like Harry Potter and for a few of those who take everything regarding Harry Potter quite lightly. Ardent Potter fans will surely sue this guy for the kinda stuff that is being showed in the end, but, as they say, it is our birth right to express, isn’t it? Those devoted Potter fans who were a wee bit disappointed by this thing, should check out with the Harry Potter Lego creations.