Beverly Hills Cop Minimates Figures Box Set For Eddie Murphy Fans

beverly hills cop action figures

Nearly 25 years ago Eddie Murphy claimed the title of being most entertaining cop of Hollywood, and Eddie Murphy’s Beverly Hills Cop is still counted as one of the funniest cop movies ever. For Eddie Murphy’s fans here is Beverly Hills Cops Minimates Figures Box Set to add to their collectibles and also celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film.

Eddie Murphy was a Detroit cop who got arrested by Beverly Hills Police Department when he was out on vacation investigating his friend’s murder in Beverly Hills. This classic murder investigation film was also one of the best comedy films. Eddie Murphy as Alex Foley, Beverly Hills Police Department’s Billy Rosewood and John Taggart and bad man Victor Maitland created best chase and fun moments. This set consists of all these four popular characters of the film. Each minimate is just 2 inch in size but is a perfect replica and the whole set will remind moments of the film and bring a smile even after all these years.

One can get the set of minimates here for only $14.99. It comes with interchangeable parts and accessories. Check out other awesome collectibles like Movie Characters Bobble Heads and Star Wars Matryoshka Dolls!